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Purpose of this site

We discovered that solar activity was repeated.
We also discovered that solar activity and climate are highly correlated.

In short, solar activity and climate have repeated characteristics.






Ice age Temperature Changes

Quoted from wikipedia

This famous graph was happening with repeated solar activity.
We will explain the evidence later.
In conclusion, the average temperature of the earth was heavily influenced by solar activity.

This site has been released for the purpose of communicating this fact to everyone in the world.




Researcher and presenter

Professor Papamogu
Dr. Kaerusan
Professor Papamogu
Dr. Kaerusan

They came from the world of “online picture books


They are members of the
Mogura no Solar Activity Climate Change Research
Project Team.



Chapter 1 Evidence of repeated solar activity.

Professor Papamogu

Hello everyone.
I'll start the presentation right away.

International Sunspot Numbers,Yearly mean 13-month smoothed nunber

International Sunspot nunber : Free data

Quoted from SILSO



It is a sunspot graph.
Cut out two eras from this data.

Solar activity 120-year cycle




Superimpose the two data.

Proven solar cycle 120 years




Solar activity repeats every 120 years.

Evidence of 120-year solar activity 1

Partially enlarged image



Evidence of 120-year solar activity 2

Whole image



Based on this result ...
The sun might have outbursted as soon as it returned from the Maunder minimum era.

Understanding the 120-year solar cycle

This discovery has been reported to SILSO.February 22, 2019




Chapter 2 An old Japanese was aware

Dr. Kaerusan

Nice to meet you. Kero.
(Frog calls in Japanese are “Kero”)

In the Tohoku region of Japan, rumors continued that the climate would be repeated. Now it has been forgotten.Kero.

Solar activity 120-year cycle and climate activity 120-year cycle

Pattern A
Famine of Tenmei (1782-1788)
120 years later
Famine of Meiji Tohoku (1902-1907)

Pattern B
Famine of Tenpou (1832-1838)
120 years later
Bad weather in the 1950s (1953-1956)



This fact was reported in the Japanese major newspaper in the 1950s.Kero.

・ Yomiuri Shimbun: June 15, 1954
・ Chubu Nihon Shimbun: August 21, 1955
Both comment on solar 120-year cycle and climate 120-year cycle

Mr. Shiro Masamura's presentation manuscript, Kyoto University server storage data

Based on the research results of Shiro Masamura, the results of Chapter 1 can be obtained by superimposing solar sunspot observation data in 120-year units.

However, Mr.Shiro Masamura's theory is misunderstood in basic understanding, so be careful.


Famine of Tenmei and Famine of Tenpo caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in the Tohoku region. Kero.

It is considered that the westerly fluctuates greatly after a certain period.Solar activity is thought to fluctuate the westerly .Kero.

CO2 warming was prevalent among Japanese people and this fact had been forgotten.Kero.

We have unearthed old research.
And We discovered that solar activity was repeated.Kero.

What is a westerly



Chapter 3 The ice age is a repetition of solar activity.

Professor Papamogu

Let's take a look at this graph again.

Ice age Temperature Changes

Quoted from wikipedia




Let's arrange this graph in parallel and see how the law changes.

Ice Age Truth
Increased width to 200%

Ice Age Truth

1: law is roughly maintained.

2:There is fluctuation, but the original shape is kept.

3: This is thought to be a repetition of solar activity.


Most important point
A new pattern is added each time it repeats.
As a result it is getting longer.



This understanding develops.

Gear change of solar activity

1: If you observe closely, you can clearly distinguish.
2: Gear change is happening during the Gulacial.
3: The present sun is in a high power activity period.


The law of the 120-year cycle explained earlier is a law that occurred during the high activity period and is not considered to be permanent.


Based on this awareness, let's observe a graph of temperature changes over the past 5 million years.

Five Mllion Years of climate change From sediment cores

Quoted from wikipedia

1: The laws are getting more complex as the times are newer.
2: Solar activity is changing the law little by little.





Chapter 4 Laws of tens of millions of years

Dr. Kaerusan

Let's take a look at the graph of temperature changes over the past 65 million years.Kero.

65 Million years of climate change

Quoted from wikipedia


Fluctuations are greater in the new era than in the old era.Kero.
The change is thought to have resulted in a rapid glacial cycle. Kero.

30 million years of repetition

The activity period of about 32 million years is divided into three minor activity periods when observed closely.Kero.

It seems to be at the end of an era that lasted about 32 million years.Kero.

Supplementary data01

Solar activity 32 million years

If you look closely, you can see the prototype.Kero


Supplementary data02

Solar activity 32 million years

We think it will be a discovery that takes this understanding of the universe one step further.




Chapter 5 Cycle 25 will start soon

Professor Papamogu

Scholars around the world have announced that solar activity will decline.
But we deny it on the basis of the “repeating law”.
Cycle 25 is expected to begin to rise around 2022.

Cycle 25 starts to rise around 2022



As reference

If you look carefully, you can see that something interesting was happening.

Solar minimam and solar maximam



In other words, the true figure of cycle 12 is understood in this way.

Cycle 12 was outburst





Chapter 6 We don't think the ice age will come soon.

Dr. Kaerusan

We know that you are most worried.Kero.
When does the ice age begin? That would be.Kero.
It may be thousands of years away.Kero.
We will show you the evidence.Kero.

Essence of solor activity

The essence of this solar activity is confirmed in each cycle and large cycle.Kero.

The transition of solar activity draws an Unequal triangle.Kero.

It appears here and there.


When will the ice age come based on the essence of solar activity? Let's guess.

Ice Age Truth
Increased width to 200%

When will the ice age come?

Please check with your own eyes.Kero.
Interpret it as you see it.Kero.
It may be thousands of years away.Kero.

Based on Mogu-01, it is possible that the warmer era will continue for thousands of years.Kero.





Chapter 7Large cycle of solar activity and hurricane.

Professor Papamogu

Details are unknown, but We have discovered this.

It is a huge hurricane periodicity.


Solar activity and giant hurricane

We do not know the relationship. This is a fact that I noticed in the course of my research.
We will report it just in case.
Sunspots started to decrease faster than 120 years ago..

The relationship between Galveston hurricane and Dorian hurricane is remarkable.
This is because the changes in sunspots are similar to 120 years ago.

Dorian2019 NOAA/RAMMB

In eastern Japan, hot summers or cold summers are more likely to occur due to the effects of solar activity.

In the america, solar activity and huge hurricanes may be related.

Category 5 hurricanes have occurred for the fourth consecutive year.
At present, the solar activity is in the transitional period of 120 years.
We would like to leave it to a weather specialist.

Solar activity does not have uniform effects across the world.

It has been found that the influence appears more in the north than in the Tohoku region of Japan.

Why is that happening?
It seems that the fluctuation of solar activity is changing the westerly.




Solar activity and climate change.

Dr. Kaerusan

We believe that the understanding of climate change has been delayed by 100 years due to the spread of the CO2 artificial warming theory.Kero.

The CO2 artificial warming theory has become popular in Japan and has made it strange to understand climate change.Kero.

Until the 1960s, it was studied with common sense.Kero.
There is not much, but valuable data remains.Kero.

Japan Meteorological Agency
Long-term forecast manager
Quoted from Mr. Hideo Wada's book.

Book name 異常気象/天明異変は再来するか
en:Will Tenmei disaster come back?
Published by Kodansha in 1965

30°) in summer in the northern hemisphere0~in the mid-latitude zone(Global N4The relationship between 500mb(5.5km)High-rise pressure and sunspots


30°) in summer in the northern hemisphere0~in the mid-latitude zone(Global N4The relationship between 500mb(5.5km)High-rise pressure and sunspots

Changes in sunspots
There is a correlation in the transition of the upper atmospheric pressure.Kero.
That fact remains.Kero.



Changes in the number of sunspots and temperatures in July and August in Abashiri, Nemuro, and Suttu

When sunspots are decreasing,
Data showing that in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, extreme extreme heat and extreme cold summer are likely to occur.Kero.



jet polar and jet subtropical

When the sunspots are decreasing, it is understood that the atmospheric circulation becomes a north-south circulation type, which causes an impact on the climate in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region.Kero.


One example of the north-south circulation type : August 14, 2019

Quoted from


We will supplement this understanding.Kero.




Professor Papamogu

In Japan, there is a record of the climate from around the 6th century to the present day. (However, it is a fragmentary record and We do not know the details.)

In the Tohoku region, a characteristic cold summer has come since the old days.
When that characteristic summer came, the rice withered and famined.

There is valuable information on the Miyagi Prefecture official website in the Tohoku region.


Miyagi Prefecture disaster chronology.From 742 AD.Japanese


There was a famine of Tenmei during the irregular weather of Pattern A explained in Chapter 2.

During summer, eastern winds were blowing every day and rice did not grow.1783

In 1993, during the summer, cold eastern winds continued to blow and rice did not grow.

This phenomenon occurs only in the Tohoku region. It does n’t happen anywhere else.

The Japanese Ministry of Education investigated the natural phenomenon that occurs only in the Tohoku region and published it in the official gazette.Report on cause of crop failure, Gazette No. 7134 and No. 7135, 1907 AD


The details of the investigation and the official gazette are explained in detail in this document.Early Cold Damage Research at Morioka Higher Agricultural Forestry School : Norio Wakao


In the official gazette, the cold Dongfeng was named YAMASE.

At first it was thought that YAMASE would be caused by sea ice, but in 1925 Dr. Hirotaro Ando (Aomori Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station) noticed that it was related to sunspot.

About 100 years have passed since the initial research, and it has become clear that Yamase is caused by this.


Atmospheric circulation model

Map data is quoted from Google Map

YAMASE has different durations and strengths from time to time.
Especially intense YAMASE occurred several times during the bad weather of Pattern A and Pattern B shown in Chapter 2.
Records remain in the Miyagi Prefecture disaster chronology. Since it is a characteristic natural phenomenon, a clear record remains.

Mr.Shiro Masamura, who studied Yamase's periodicity, which is a characteristic natural phenomenon, noticed in the 1950s that there was a 120-year cycle law in solar activity and climate.

However, as time passed, the Japanese became obsessed with the CO2 artificial warming theory and forgot the Shiro Masamura theory.

We revived the forgotten research and discovered the repetition of solar activity.

Extreme natural phenomena that occur only in the Tohoku region of Japan have helped to uncover the truth of the sun.

Solar activity is repeated.
Changes in solar activity continued to fluctuate the atmospheric circulation.

It was a simple story.

However, We believe that the understanding of the wrong climate spreading to mankind has hindered this discovery.

Mr. Hideo Wada of the Japan Meteorological Agency introduced in Chapter 8 was researching to predict in advance the crop failure years that occur in the Tohoku region.

In Japan, there was a time when YAMASE predictions were in fashion.

If the 120-year cycle of solar activity is repeated, the time when westerly fluctuate from 2022 may come.

In other words, intense YAMASE may occur.

What is the old record of YAMSE in the Tohoku region?
It is also a record of the westerly wind model at that time.


Not yet complete

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Solar activity is repeated.......?


Solar activity is repeating !



We want to ask researchers all over the world.
Why didn't you doubt this fact first?
Why ignore the large cycle of solar activity?
This is the most likely event.
We think it is very difficult to prove that there is no great cycle in solar activity.










NASA What Is the Solar Cycle?


Tohoku Miyagi Prefecture disaster chronology


From Tohoku Iwate Prefecture official website
49th Special Exhibition “Food that Saves Life” – History of Famine and Food for Living ”


Yamase initial research


Mr. Shiro Masamura's presentation manuscript, Kyoto University server storage data


Old research information that remains in Japan.
These studies have led to the discovery of the 120-year cycle by Shiro Masamura.

Japanese famine record : Saburo Umemori 1893

Great famine and sunspots : Katsutoshi Taguchi 1923

Isn't the Showa bad harvest group coming soon? Hidetoshi Arakawa 1953

Sunspots and weather : Yukio Kawabata 1960s

Climate change in the Tohoku regionTadashi : Ozawa, Toshio Fujita 1952

Concerns of abnormal bad harvest year from the viewpoint of sunspot trends : Sakuhei Fujiwara 1949

Statistical survey on famine in the Tohoku region : Saburo Umeda 1965

We introduced a part this time.


The climate in the Tohoku region is sensitive to solar activity. Therefore, many scholars have been aware of the periodicity of the climate in the Tohoku region since the old days.
However, the sunspot observation data was still less accumulated than it is now, so research seems to have stopped before discovering definitive evidence.
Now no one has remembered this series of studies.

We hope this fact will spread throughout the world through this site.
May the Force be with You.
May the Force be with humany.


A number of scientific data can be explained by a one theory.
What is One Theory ... Repeated solar activity.
It is named Mogura no Mogu 's theory of relativity.